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Please enjoy the abundant seafood that can only be provided by Katsuura, which is one of the best port towns in the Kanto.


  • Set meal

    【Kakui Meal Set】
    【Sashimi set meal】
    【Ajitaki set meal】
    【Fried set meal from the basket】
    【Kimmee open set meal】

    Set meal includes 2 kinds of small bowl / Oshinka / rice / miso soup.

    A set meal only for that time is also available.
  • Fried food

    【Bowl of rice topped with sashimi】
    【Ajitaki Mushroom】
    【Bonito bowl】
    【Green onion】
    【Sea urchin sweet shrimp】

    The bowl comes with a small bowl, Oshinka and miso soup.

    We will also provide you with a special item by purchasing.
  • Japanese and Western food

    【Mix fly】
    【deep-fried horse mackerel】
    【Fried Shrimp】

    Served with rice / miso soup.

    We offer low cutlet, ginger grill, curry and snacks.

    It is possible to order as a single item.
  • Dish

    【Assorted sashimi (Three servings)】
    【Assorted sashimi(Two servings)】
    【Abalone sashimi】
    【Boiled kinme salmon】

    Various dishes are available depending on the season.

    Recommended for side dishes and snacks from the above meals.
  • About Banquet plan

    【Reservation method】
    Please make a reservation by phone at least 2 business days prior to purchase.
    *If you can tell us at the time of booking
    Japanese Spiny Lobster will prepare Japanese Spiny Lobster, Japanese Spiny Lobster bream and other as much as possible.
    • <One case> Appetizer・sashimi・Grilled Dish・Deep-fried food・Boiled food(Or pan)・Meal

      We will prepare from 4,000 yen (excluding tax) according to your budget.4 people ~
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