Crab restaurant where you can stay

Kakui has been operating here for more than half a century since around 1965.
Opened at Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture Eastern Part of Minamiboso same time as the opening of National Route 128.
After going through a guest house and a drive-in, the current "Iso restaurant where you can stay"Kakui
Many customers have eaten and stayed until now.
Because this place has an outstanding view of Katsuura Bay that shows various expressions Katsuura Bay the season and weather,
Enjoy the fresh seafood bowl dishes that can be served.

* Efforts to prevent infectious diseases and spread

We take basic preventive measures such as gargling and washing hands when employees go to work, disinfecting with chemicals, and wearing masks.

Alcohol disinfectants for fingers are installed at restaurant entrances and front counters, and we ask that you disinfect your fingers before entering the store.

Frequent contact areas (front desks, doorknobs, electric switches, telephones, etc.) that are touched by multiple people are frequently cleaned and disinfected.

Thorough ventilation during cleaning.

The tables and seats are also kept at an appropriate distance and cleaned and disinfected before the next customer is guided.

When you travel, please be aware of "new travel etiquette" and go on a fun trip with peace of mind.

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17 Kushihama, Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

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5 minutes by taxi from JR Sotobo Line Katsuura Station on the JR Sotobo Line Katsuura Station. National Route 128 front of Katsuura Kushihama Fishing Port National Route 128.
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Efforts to prevent infectious diseases and spread


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.